Aug 03

How to select a good bankruptcy attorney

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to good people.  That holds true whether it’s in a person’s private life or their business life.  And one of the unpleasant issues a person or a business owner might face is the prospect of filing for bankruptcy. It’s not a decision that should be... read more →
Jul 27

The rise of legal issues in e-commerce

Many of the same disputes that take place in a traditional business setting also take place in a digital business setting.  However, while the rise in e-commerce has been dramatic and shows no signs of slowing down, there are many issues that are also unique to the online world. Technology,... read more →
Jul 20
Jul 13
Jul 06

The basics of a class action lawsuit

A class action lawsuit occurs when a group of people with the same or similar injuries, which can be financial or physical, caused by the same product or action, sues the defendant as a group.  Some examples of class action suits may include: Defective products such as pharmaceutical drugs Automotive... read more →
Jun 29
Jun 22
Jun 15
Jun 08

Defining what constitutes legal malpractice

When you hire a lawyer, you are entrusting them with an important chapter of your life.  You expect them to perform with a high degree of competence, professionalism and responsiveness.  And in most cases, they do. However, sometimes that’s not the case.  Formally claiming negligence by your attorney can be... read more →
Jun 01