Business Litigation – Trial & Appellate In Federal & State Courts

Zagrans Law Firm has achieved considerable success in business litigation due to a commitment to identifying the best strategies and the ability to take a case in any direction necessary. We provide unparalleled business litigation representation at the state, federal, trial and appellate levels.

Our comprehensive business litigation practice includes investigation, pretrial negotiation, trials and, when necessary, appeals . We will analyze the situation and present options for resolving the dispute, including alternative dispute resolution (ADR). While we have the skill to litigate aggressively, we realize that it is not always in our clients’ best interests. The firm understands the importance of creating solutions that achieve our clients’ unique legal and business objectives.

For businesses of all sizes, it is important to consider the possible outcomes of pursuing litigation. At Zagrans Law Firm, our strategic counsel and vigorous advocacy helps businesses calculate the short- and long-term consequences of taking the dispute to trial or finding an alternative solution.