In one decade, the Internet has changed the guidelines about the way companies do business. From its beginnings as a Department of Defense experiment and a university research too, the Internet has evolved into a worldwide distribution channel and a powerful communications vehicle. E-Commerce is one of the most exciting fields in our global economy. With entire new internet businesses springing up, and established companies fighting to maintain their standings, that excitement can quickly turn into frustration. The Zagrans team is skilled and experienced to help you navigate changing legal waters and standards concerning:

  • Free speech and censorship
  • Privacy – Data encryption and protection standards
  • Protecting Intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademarks on the Internet
  • Fraud protection for consumers and merchants
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Sales, leases and disputes involving domain names
  • Website development deals and disputes
  • Developing web site terms, conditions and privacy policies
  • International business issues and disputes

While a great deal of unregulated e-commerce activity follows laws and ethical standards on their own, it is important to maintain adequate legal standards and be aware of the state and federal laws governing e-commerce.