Employment Agreements

Although Ohio, and many other states, are at-will states and most employees have no written employment contract, some businesses offer certain levels of professionals and executives contractual compensation terms. But, an employment agreement should provide for more than just typical compensation terms. In the current economic times, professionals want to be sure that they are protected if their employer experiences a change in control or if the employer decides to pursue a different direction than what was initially represented.

Most importantly, you want to be sure that you understand all of your rights and obligations with respect to your employment and know that all the terms of employment are clear.

Negotiating an employment contract should be about bringing the parties together in a way that maximizes the possibilities for both parties. Unlike other negotiations, in employment agreement negotiations both parties have the same goal: to establish an employer-employee relationship.

We analyze the needs of both parties when advising you on when and what factors should be addressed. Compensation is always an issue, but you need to prepare for contingencies such as a change in control, availability to claim good reason, severance provisions, tax issues, scope of authority and duration of agreement. Not all issues will apply to every situation. Every employment relationship is unique and we understand that a good employment contract addresses the distinct needs of your situation.

Our attorneys work to give you peace of mind that the agreement you are signing protects you and maintains your professional relationship.