Franchising provides a way for a successful small businesses to expand without taking on a significant new debt. In addition, every franchise law firm can tell you stories of franchise agreements that went bad. Franchise law is a complex field that requires specialization. Federal law provides no protection to franchisees in general. At the state level, franchise laws may vary, and your rights may be complicated and subject to different interpretations. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of the initial structuring, organization and operation of franchised businesses. Based on your organizational requirements, we develop recommendations on the risks and/or benefits concerning methods of distribution, licensed goods and services, commercial and antitrust implications of various distribution systems, trademark protection and licensing, compliance with federal and state law and related litigation.

For example, we can help you with the following franchise law issues:

  • Buying a franchise
  • Termination and non-renewal
  • Negotiating a franchise agreement
  • Terminating a franchise
  • Franchise encroachment
  • Franchise system changes
  • Mediation, arbitration and litigation of franchise disputes

We draw on the breadth of the firm’s experience to provide franchise clients with counseling on commercial and sales laws, consumer protection law, trade regulation (antitrust) law, representation before the Federal Trade Commission and the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department, legislative representation, mergers and acquisitions, business finance and real estate law.