Health Care Finance

The Health Care Finance team at Zagrans Law Firm have decades of experience representing and counseling public finance, commercial finance and health care providers in the capital structures and needs of the health care industry. Our attorneys use their experience, knowledge of the industry, and legal creativity to plan, negotiate and close a wide range of health care finance transactions, including swaps and derivatives.

Zagrans Law Firm has been involved in virtually every role typically associated with a financing transaction, including serving as bond counsel, underwriters’ counsel, and trustee’s counsel. Additionally, we have served as counsel to single corporate borrowers and to multi-institutional or multi-state health care systems and to financial institutions lending money or issuing liquidity and credit support to bonds.

We remain on the cutting edge of the current issues in health care finance, including evolving regulatory and legal issues facing the health care industry in its capital structures and fiduciary obligations of a board of trustees, and are able to advise our clients on these issues with respect to particular transactions.