Zagrans Law Firm provides comprehensive range of services to clients involved in education. We represent public schools districts, administrators, teachers and students.

Governance and Accountability

The firm has significant experience in legal issues relating to the role and authority of governing boards; accreditation, constitutional questions involving religion, open meetings and public records law, and similar matters.

Personnel Relations

We advise clients at all levels of education in connection with academic collective bargaining and other matters of employer-employee relations including tenure, nonretention and retirement programs, and affirmative action and nondiscrimination issues.

Student Affairs

Our counsel in this area concerns admissions, transfers, privacy and confidentiality, financial aid and collections, student government, organizations, newspaper and discipline, including First Amendment issues.

Liability And Risk Management

We have a strong background in matters relating to tort liability contracts, legal immunities and privileges, and we consider advice in risk management an essential part of our service to clients.


The firm has a reputation in matters relating to public financing, qualification for tax-exempt status and private charitable giving. The firm also has experience in advising clients on state and federal regulations applicable to public financing and regarding administrative options that are available to colleges and school districts confronted with budget restraints.

Our mission is to utilize the diligence, ingenuity and sound judgment we have gained through our broad and deep experience in education law to defend the interests of educators and help them achieve their educational goals in creative and insightful ways. The core members of our team are leaders from varied legal disciplines who understand the unique nature and needs of educational institutions.