Oct 12

Meeting the standards in a wrongful death claim

Under all circumstances, an untimely death is devastating.  It can leave remaining family members in a highly emotional and fragile state, impacting them financially and legally.  To seek recourse, surviving members may seek compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. To cut down on a number of frivolous lawsuits, in recent... read more →
Oct 05

Dealing with trade regulation legal issues

International trade represents unparalleled opportunities like never before.  But with those opportunities come a set of barriers that must be overcome to enjoy the benefits of an international marketplace. Of these, legal issues can be the most daunting.  Globalization and its challenges are a real concern for many firms both... read more →
Sep 28
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Aug 31

Understanding the basics of securities fraud

Securities fraud is a white-collar crime that can encompass a variety of investments such as stocks, bank notes, bonds, investment contracts, and more.  It takes place when an individual, company or an organization buys, sells, or trades one of these instruments under false pretenses. Specifically, those false pretenses can include... read more →
Aug 24

Finding value with a real estate lawyer

For many people, real estate represents the most significant transaction they will ever be involved in.  Whether it is a residential transaction or a commercial transaction, the details are numerous, and every single one of them needs to be addressed to ensure a smooth transaction takes place. Unless you make... read more →
Aug 17
Aug 10

Common issues in insurance coverage disputes

Lawyers who represent both plaintiffs and defendants in insurance coverage disputes face several possible sticking points when it comes to issues that could create an adversarial atmosphere which could further hinder resolutions to a claim. Discovery – Many discovery requests can be unnecessary and counter-productive because they are unduly burdensome. ... read more →